ZipnHang Xtra


Compared to our original model, ZipnHang Xtra has thicker, stronger lines to resist sharp corners on metal screen and storm doors.

The ZipnHang Xtra is a perfect screen and storm door hanger.

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ZipnHang Xtra – the wreath hanger for glass, metal storm and screen doors

Storm doors protect your home from the weather and improve your home’s look. Now you can take it a step further by adding a wreath to your storm or screen door for every season and holiday.

Why choose ZipnHang Xtra for screen and storm doors?

  • Storm and screen doors are more lightweight and fragile.
  • Works on screen doors – suction cups and adhesive hooks won’t work on uneven surfaces
  • Works on glass doors – magnetic hooks and suction cups aren’t always strong enough to work on different types of doors
  • Won’t damage your door – adhesive hooks often scratch or leave sticky residue
  • Wreath hooks can damage the frame and interfere with the weatherstripping
  • Wreath hangers can be too wide at the top to hang on a screen door
  • Wreath hangers can damage storm and screen doors by scratching the glass or denting the metal. They can also dent or deform the door or frame.

ZipnHang instructions (PDF)

Additional information

Weight .15625 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 9 × 1 in
Weight Capacity


Adjustability Range

6 to 50 inches from the top of a 3-foot wide door.


1-year warranty.


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