How it works

ZipnHang is the creation of an engineer’s brain, in response to a common problem: How can you securely hang something on a door, without damaging the door or making it hard to close? The answer required thinking about it in an entirely new way.

ZipnHang combines three things: a simple adjustment mechanism; lightweight, thin but strong materials; and simple principles of geometry.

It’s simple:

ZipnHang demonstration of how it works, push button and pull both lines

Press the button and pull the lines out.

ZipnHang uses two flexible lines you can extend by pushing a button on the side and pulling on the lines.

ZipnHang demonstration of how it works, hook lines over door

Hook the lines over the door corners.

You just hook a line over one corner of a door, and then the other line over the opposite corner.

ZipnHang demonstration of how it works, push the button, adjust up and down

Press the button and adjust up or down.

Press the button again to raise or lower the ZipnHang to the perfect height for whatever you’re hanging.

It’s as simple as that. And now it’s Hang Time!

ZipnHang - hanging a decoration on a door
ZipnHang installed on a glass door holding a welcome sign
ZipnHang - hanging an open close sign for a business with a glass door