See how ZipnHang works

There are plenty of door-hanging products out there, but ZipnHang excels where other door hangers fall short (or fall on the floor…). Check out the video – you’re ready to hang in 10 seconds!

ZipnHang is easy

If you can wrap a string around your door’s upper corners, ZipnHang is your door-hanging solution.

ZipnHang demonstration of how it works, push button and pull both lines

Push the button and pull out BOTH lines.

Release the button to lock the lines in place.

Place one line around each top door corner.

Place one line around each top door corner.

Position the plastic tubing behind the upper corners.

ZipnHang demonstration of how it works, push the button, adjust up and down

Press the button and adjust up or down.

Press the button again to raise or lower the ZipnHang to the desired height.

It’s as simple as that. And now it’s hang time!

ZipnHang - hanging a decoration on a door
ZipnHang installed on a glass door holding a welcome sign
ZipnHang - hanging an open close sign for a business with a glass door

Genius: Solving the door-hanging dilemma

ZipnHang is the creation of an engineer’s brain, in response to a common problem: How can you securely hang something on a door, without damaging the door or making it hard to close? The answer came only when she thought about hanging in an entirely new way. Her brainstorm idea combined three things: a simple adjustment mechanism; basic principles of geometry; and lightweight but strong materials. It all came together, and… voila: ZipnHang!

The ingenious ZipnHang design lets you and your fellow decorators change and update decorations faster and easier than ever before. No more need to worry about damaging your door, frame or weatherstripping… and it adjusts for a perfectly aligned hang every time.

Read all about the creation of the ZipnHang here.

Get your ZipnHang today!

ZipnHang is only $24.95. That’s it – we pay for shipping, and we don’t add any bogus “handling fee.” You’ll get years of use from your new door hanger, and you’ll come up with all kinds of ways to use it. It also makes a thoughtful, fun gift. So you might want to get two – or even more, with our special multi-pack offers!