ZipnHang FAQ


How do I keep my ZipnHang operating smoothly?
  1. Check that the door fits the frame properly. Excess friction or scraping between the door and frame can cut the line. DO NOT USE if corner of door scrapes against the frame.
  2. Always extend and retract both lines at the same time. Pulling or retracting the lines separately will break the device.
How much weight can ZipnHang hold?

ZipnHang’s industrial-strength clear line is rated for up to 10 pounds, which is enough to hang most types of decorations.

If you try to hang something that’s too heavy, the internal gears will slip. Our testing shows that the mechanism shouldn’t be damaged, but future holding power may be reduced, and you may lose the ability to adjust the height. Of course, if you hang something that’s MUCH heavier than 10 pounds, the ZipnHang could break.

What is the adjustablilty range of ZipnHang?
On a 3-foot-wide door, you can set it as high as about 6-inches from the top and as low as about 4 feet below the top. ZipnHang works great on extra wide or tall doors. Even on a 6-foot-wide door, you can place your ZipnHang as low as about 3 feet below the top, which would place your decoration near eye level even on a massive, 9-foot-tall, 6-foot-wide door.
Will ZipnHang work on arched doors?

No. ZipnHang requires a door with square corners. ZipnHang cannot be installed on arched doors.

If you can wrap a string around your door’s upper corners, ZipnHang is your door-hanging solution*.

*ZipnHang is not recommended for doors with metal interlocking weatherstripping.

Does ZipnHang work on commercial doors?
Some commercial doors will NOT work with ZipnHang because you cannot loop a line around the top corners, usually because the hinge extends to the top corner, or the closing mechanism attaches at the top corner.
Will the ZipnHang disc show on my door?

The disc may show when hanging smaller/thinner decorations. When your decor won’t conceal the disc, our ZipnHang Any Seasons Kit can cover the disc with interchangeable, seasonal artwork.

ZipnHang looks great with large wreaths!
Conceal the ZipnHang behind a wreath by using either the regular or jumbo hook.

Where can I purchase a ZipnHang?

You can buy as many as you need right here on our website. Canadian and Mexican customers can purchase via And, ZipnHang is available through Amazon in many European countries. Check your local Amazon marketplace.

Is there an instruction manual?
What if I need to return a unit – can I get a refund?

If you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason, we offer refunds up to 30 days from the purchase date. Just fill out the return form.

Hang It™ Warranty
If you bought your ZipnHang in the USA and it malfunctions, we will provide a free replacement up to 1 year from the purchase date. You may request a replacement here.
ZipnHang example of a summertime door decoration

Get your ZipnHang today!

ZipnHang is only $24.95. That’s it – we pay for shipping, and we don’t add any bogus “handling fee.” You’ll get years of use from your new door hanger, and you’ll come up with all kinds of ways to use it. It also makes a thoughtful, fun gift. So you might want to get two – or even more, with our special multi-pack offers!

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