ZipnHang FAQ


How much weight can ZipnHang hold?

ZipnHang’s industrial-strength clear line is rated for up to 10 pounds, which is enough to hang almost anything for normal use.

What will happen if you put too much weight on the hook?
If you try to hang something that’s too heavy, the internal gears will slip. Our testing shows that the mechanism shouldn’t be damaged, but future holding power may be reduced, and you may lose the ability to adjust the height. Of course, if you hang something that’s MUCH heavier than 10 pounds, the ZipnHang could break.
Do you offer a heavy-duty version?

We have a version with thicker line that we are testing. We’d be happy to send one to anyone willing to try it and give us feedback. Send us a note if you’re interested in helping.

Where can I purchase a ZipnHang?

You can buy as many as you need right here on our website.

I need a large number of ZipnHangs. Do you offer bulk discounts?

We offer a three-pack and six-pack here. If you need a larger order, contact us with details.

Why is ZipnHang only available in the United States?

ZipnHang will be available in Europe by this Fall.

Is there an owner’s manual?
What if I need to return a unit? Is there a warranty?

If you’re unhappy with your purchase from zipnhang.com for any reason, or if you have an innocent mishap, we will provide a replacement or refund if you notify us within one year from the date of purchase (we may ask you to return your ZipnHang at our expense). Just fill out the return form here. Of course, our warranty does not cover misuse, such as hanging objects that are more than 10 pounds, or dishonest claims of product failure.

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