What will happen if you put too much weight on the hook?

If you try to hang something that’s too heavy, the internal gears will slip. Our testing shows that the mechanism shouldn’t be damaged, but future holding power may be reduced, and you may lose the ability to adjust the height. Of course, if you hang something that’s MUCH heavier than 10 pounds, the ZipnHang could [...]

Where can I purchase a ZipnHang?

You can buy as many as you need right here on our website. Canadian and Mexican customers can purchase via And, ZipnHang is available through Amazon in many European countries. Check your local Amazon marketplace.

Is there a warranty?

Purchases delivered to the USA  include a 1-year warranty: If your ZipnHang breaks or malfunctions, we will provide a replacement up to one year from the date of purchase (we may ask you to return your ZipnHang at our expense so we can investigate and make improvements). Please request a replacement through this form. Of [...]

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